Introduction & General Thoughts

So I decided to start this journal/blog aside from my old one that’s not centered around my hobbies. A lot of people are very active in social media nowadays and I used to think that was a bad thing because my opinion was that social media just masked the reality of who we are as persons because we had control over who we were online. A lot of people put up a facade of what they want to be seen by others through Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites. My friends kind of know me as “Mr. Unfollower”. I used to unfollow and block a lot of my contacts on Facebook if I find them frequently posting obnoxious status updates, irritating pictures or just dumb things in general. I used to think that they wouldn’t be worth the time reading and that it’ll just ruin my day if I would read anything that they’d have to say. But over the past few years I’ve come to realize something – I’m also guilty of these things. Not that I did the same thing as them but that I was also as human as them. I got happy the same way as them, got sad, heartbroken, you name it. I then realized that we’re all just.. human. Maybe law school and life experiences have changed my views about these sort of things but I’ve come to realize that I should be more understanding towards others. Now I don’t judge others as much as I did way back then. So this brings me to this site…

This site is personal since I’ll be writing about my thoughts on different matters, pure and raw as they may be. I’m a person that a lot would call a “heavy chaotic thinker”. All kinds of thoughts would rage through my mind during the course of a normal day like a hurricane in the middle of a busy city. I’d think about important things such as life in general, what it all means ind the end, love, friendship.. But I’d also be caught thinking about the simple things in life as well that some wouldn’t consider important such as video games, sports, toys, girls, music; you know? stuff that young people are into nowadays. So basically I’ll be writing about anything that pops into my head. I may write articles, essays, poems, songs.. who knows? What I’ll be writing about is not intended to attack or belittle any person, idea or belief. It’s not intended to be directed towards anything or anyone other than the fact that I spontaneously thought of that thing while I was writing it. As a lawyer I’m intimately familiar with a person’s right to self-expression and through this site I’ll be exercising my own. I hope you forgive me.

Another reason why I’m writing this blog is to reach out to others who have the same ideas as mine or those who are interested to know the perspective of others which do not hold the same views as them. I think a healthy communication between readers and writers is a good way to stimulate positive thinking in society. And by writing, I hope I can inspire others to be more active about sharing their positive thought towards others. Hey, I’m just a link in a long chain that we are all bound to and I’m only doing my part to make the chain more interesting. I think for as long as the topic or substance of the write-up isn’t anything shallow, it can only lead to something better in the future. Now I’m not an expert writer by any stretch of the imagination nor am I free of faults. If you have any criticism directed towards anything I have written, please feel free to speak up since I’ll take it as something positive. Another thing, forgive me for any spelling or grammatical errors that you might encounter as I’m a little bit lazy to edit my write-ups. I’ll try to get better if there seems to be a lot. lmao

I think sharing thoughts through the online medium is also a good way to encourage growth in the Filipino community. I’ve been stubborn and filled with negativity as a Filipino and I feel that with every passing day, the little bit of patriotism in me dies. I’m sure that a lot of young Filipinos these days feel the same way as I do and I can’t blame them for it. We’ve been raised this way by the state of the country. Corruption, negative values and the like just creep their way into the minds of individuals who are not aware that these things eat away at them. By writing, I hope that any person who comes as a reader will realize that mental stimulation in an intelligent and mature manner is a great thing to share with others.

So that probably covers all the basics of what I’m trying to get out of writing. I’ll just leave it at that. Thanks. Til’ the next one.


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