Why Do Evil and Hate Exist?

In light of the recent attack on Paris, there have been a variety of reactions and show of support from all over the world. A lot of countries have condemned the act and have vowed to support France in this great time of need, including ours. I am deeply saddened by what happened and can only hope that such thing does not occur in our home soil.

Can you imagine doing your normal daily routine only to be interrupted by gunfire and explosions the next minute? Can you imagine the horror of crawling on the floor trying to shield yourself and your loved ones from a rain of bullets hoping that somehow in the next few minutes you can survive? Can you?? It makes one really think about their own mortality and what we mean to the world. We live in a crazy time and what happened to Paris only validates that further. Yes we may be living in the most peaceful era in the last few centuries but that doesn’t mean we should give ourselves a false sense of security. Evil exists and it is present all around us.

What happened in Paris was a terrible incident by the hands of ISIS, or so they claim. It is quite alarming that the group has now leveled up and have now begun targeting major cities all over the world. I believe that what happened in Paris is a wake up call to the realities of the world and what could be in store for us in the next few years. Though this group cries that it represents Islam and is a holy army that is committing God’s work, it is no such. I condemn any group claiming that it does acts of terrorism in the name of any religion. Religion isn’t the problem. We may have our cultural and religious differences but those of us who are mature and educated beings know for a fact that all of us can co-exist in this world without having to resort to violence and killings. But yet, there are those that have the need for blood and yearn for it. Why is that? Why does evil exist and why does it keep on trying to tear us from achieving global piece?

Terrorism is an act of hate and evil that shouldn’t be tolerated. Sadly, we are left with a few choices of how we can combat this behavior from spreading all over the world and one of those actions is through fighting. Only through fighting can we sometimes have peace.

The reality is, we who are lucky enough to live peacefully and away from such violence can’t really do anything for the victims other than praying for them and hoping the best for them. A lot of us have chosen to do that through social media either by sharing the news of what happened, offering prayers of support and love or changing profile pictures to show a state of emotion they are feeling. Whatever any of us have done to show support for the victims, I admire those that have.

What I can’t fathom is how some people still find negativity in what others do. I believe that these people who show support for what happened in Paris do so from the bottom of their heart. Yet, a few question and accuse them as just jumping on the bandwagon or “nakikipauso lang”. Yeah I admit that there are people that actually do that but the least that we can do as decent human beings is to stop with finding negativity in what others do. Let them be bandwagonners and make fools of themselves but let’s not add to anything more than that. What happened in Paris may be trending in social media right now but that doesn’t mean that it was more important than what happened to places elsewhere in the world. Yes bombings happened in The Middle East and earthquakes occured in Japan and in South America. For all we know, there could be some unknown number of people dying as we speak that hasn’t been and won’t be put in the news. Yes, covering your profile picture with the flag of France essentially does nothing if you think about it literally but what it does it so much more than that. It creates a chain of hope and love that breeds awareness and a positive environment. That alone in itself is worth a maybe stupid act of putting a filter on your picture. But that doesn’t mean that it is laughable or should be made fun of. People spread the love any way they can and they shouldn’t be judged for it. The world needs more people who can actually stay positive for once.

A very big reason why a lot of people put more attention towards what happened in Paris is that it was an attack on an international capital where most of us would feel safe. Paris is a destination spot and one of the most crowded cities in the world yet an act of terrorism happened there. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere in the world. The media may have also put more attention into what happened in Paris when compared to other breaking news elsewhere. But such is the way of the world that we live in. It doesn’t mean that those of us who have come to care about what happened in Paris cannot care for what happened in the other parts of the world. If you want to spread the news about what happened, let’s say in Nigeria or Iraq, post the link in your wall or PM the link to others so that I or they can read about it. You don’t have to put some half-assery jabs at other people as your status to mock them for caring about a terrorist attack. What does that kind of hate get you anyway? Does your arrogant satisfaction in knowing you are right make the world a better place? No it doesn’t.

This write-up is not meant to call out those of us who are guilty of doing such things. All I’m doing is really putting out a plea to be more positive. It doesn’t hurt to be more positive once in a while. If some people have the time to find fault in others and spread the hate, why don’t they just spread peace and positivity instead. The world would be a better place if people could just stop being assholes and put aside their superiority complex and arrogance to show some love towards others for once. I too was guilty of this behavior before. But I’ve learned that if you want to spread your feelings of frustration, at least direct it towards ISIS or some other terrorist organization that are responsible for these attacks, not to those that show their support against violence. A positive aura breeds more positive results and that’s what the world needs more of.

Til’ the next one.


Credits to elizabetezv and BengalFanatic of Deviantart for the fantastic artwork.


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