“I’m dying – a never ending death, where angels come and cry for my sadness

Chased far away, alone in my mind

Deeply and truly I’ve been empty, a vacuum in time


I’ve been living a satire – of myself, where devils come and laugh

They seduce me, they haunt me, sweetly… as an elegy

Today again, tomorrow again


Can you come and save me? As a heroine would?

This despair I can’t escape… a villain I will be

Tempting, teasing, delicious, and addicting


To the dark is my light, breathing in me – life

Quiet and safe, is this where I really want to be?

This finality, an illusion, a question in my heart


A voice, of compassion and empathy

Striking the very core of my humanity, as a goddess would

One look, one stare, one word – Arise


I’m alive now, found by a firefly – lighting up the sky

Little did I know, she, my firefly would light me up inside

Buzzing, racing, surreptitiously arousing


A flame here and flame there, a ceiling of wanderlust or is it wonderlust?

Love, has it come to be mine or will it be to the dark again?

Villain as am I, deserving? Or to be left behind?


I am Hades, you my Persephone

My desire consumes me and you with it, a whirlwind of hope

Pleasure me not, it is yours I will accord


Here we go again, illuminate my dreams

Be anarchy in my heart, inject me with the venom of your yearning

The laws of love don’t apply, your lawbreaker, am I?


Follow you, I will… As Icarus did to the sun

I, your Achilles, will dive willingly into you my arrow

In this darkness, you are my light… You – my firefly”



Thanks to KR-2Y-51-3K for the cover photo and to Chaerul-Umam for the secondary photo.


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