Midnight Rendezvous

“We fade into seclusion, free from folly and strife

A great distance unbinds us, oh joy…

It eats away our hearts into apathy

To be condemned, to be alone


The miles that create this crevice, how cruel it is

Seconds tick away, degrading what we have

Will it be weeks or months?

We wish only to see our soul’s reflection, each other


We long for that touch, that burns our spirit

A touch of great discomforting pleasure, oh yes

Budding with missing thoughts

Please let it come tomorrow, we say


Our only escape, a visual capture of each other

Beautiful, alluring… not real

Only each other’s voice do we experience

Just enough to drive insanity away, far far away


We live our own lives, slaves of expectation

Thunderous applause, fake and unsatisfying

Only each other’s arms do we crave

This world, how cruel it is


Timing has its price, this to us

In the devil’s strings we are, puppets

Is that what we are to believe? Oh sorrow

Not us I say, for we have dreams


To this calamity we have, we dare to love

Never regret, as we have done like stars burning away

Time and space… inseparable, unfathomable

Our love is, to this day


We wish for tomorrow to come, ragingly and swift

To look into each other’s eyes

Glittering diamonds of passion and sin

Our rendezvous to come, past a late hour near dusk


And so we fall, deep and not sorry

We fear, we hate, leaping into irony

At the cost of love, mysterious and painful in its entirety

We do, we miss, we live, what a bliss”


Thanks to KrisVlad for the cover photo.


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