The Game

“Your loneliness, at a distance… Out of reach

Comes at me, whistling and asking, It rocks me out of my speech

Never does it look away, detach or leave

All it wants is my insatiable hunger to achieve


Are you ready? Are you sure?

A pawn you will be, a piece to allure

Crying, screaming, laughing… That’s what’s in store

Trapped at a whim, enchanted to your very core


You can’t run nor can you even try

Because all what’s will be, is me, in your mind

What will be, not a fantasy or an illusion

I’m as real as it gets, only that, I’m confusion


An advanced sorry, given to you right now

I can’t control me, my nature is chained anyhow

Your eyes and your lips, I have them on lock

I hope you’re not sensitive, I may give you a shock


Don’t look back, no one’s there to help you

Yours alone will be this experience be, Only you I will allow to fall through

Let’s be on our way, you’ve been such a good time

Hold my hand, Don’t think. It’s not a crime


I don’t promise much. Anyway, I just do

Like an impulsive beast. This is long away from adieu

Cruel you think am I? For being this way?

I can fulfill you, my darling, like a spiritual bouquet


I’m a mysterious gentleman yet an undiscovered fiend

I wasn’t born this way, like all things, I am machined

But think about it for a sec, it’s your turn to play me now

You have to change this lion into an owl, somehow


You say it’s an impossible task? For little ole’ you?

Others have tried, be different, what say you?

You think I don’t yearn to be different, to be better?

My dear if you change me, I’ll write you a love letter


If I am a vessel of courage, callousness and mistakes

Be my hope and compassion, rid me of these snakes

So before I come to you, before you are trapped

Don’t radiate to me your desires then ask why you were kidnapped


I’ll be here my love, waiting for whoever you are,

Counting looks and smiles, sitting, healing a scar

Are you looking? or is destiny your salvation?

Time runs out, but does it have an expiration?”


Thanks to wulfman65 for the Old Fashioned.


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